Ignition coils and Electronic Systems

Coils for all models plus uprated coils from Pertronix and Pertronix Ignition systems for points distributors.

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Lumenition Ignition Fitting Kit for L6-series Datsun
Chopper kit and installation components required to fit either standard or performance Lumenition..
Ex Tax: £15.00
Lumenition Ignition Kit
Utilising Lumenition’s revolutionary infra-red beam and rotating chopper trigger, the Optronic sy..
Ex Tax: £161.00
Pertronix Flamethrower Ignition coil, 3ohm for electronic ignition
A powerful 40,000 volt ignition coil for electronic ignition equipped models. Delivers 15% more s..
Ex Tax: £39.95
Power transistor unit (PTU) for Z32 300ZX
The Series 2 (USA upgrade) power transistor unit (or PTU, or Trignition unit) for the 300ZX Z32 m..
Ex Tax: £235.00
Standard ignition coil - S30 with points
A standard ignition coil for use with points distributors and where a ballast resistor is incorpo..
Ex Tax: £19.95
Single ignition coil pack for the 300ZX Z32 models. Each spark plug has an individual coil - this..
Ex Tax: £56.95
Ceramic encased ballast resistor for use with standard 240Z and 260Z points based coils. ..
Ex Tax: £11.84
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