Shock absorbers for 280ZX

A range of KYB and Tokico shocks for all 280ZX models.

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Foamex bump stop, pair
These bump stops fit into the original 240Z and 260Z upper spring pans as a direct replacement fo..
Ex Tax: £15.95
KYB gas cartridge, front pair 280ZX
A pair of gas strut cartridges for the front on 280ZX models 1979 - 1983. This type of shock ..
Ex Tax: £109.95
KYB Rear gas shocks, 280ZX
Sold in Pairs. Note: Gas spring seat is basically a shock that also has the seat for the bottom o..
Ex Tax: £139.95
Tokico HP shock absorber, front 280ZX
Front cartridge insert by Tokico for the 1979 - 1983 280ZX models. Uprated compared to standard s..
Ex Tax: £79.95
Tokico HP Shock Absorber, rear 280ZX
Tokico spring seat shock absorber for the rear of 280ZX models, 1979 - 1983. Uprated compared..
Ex Tax: £78.95
Tokico Illumina Shock Absorber, front 280ZX
The most advanced design in the high-performance shock market. Illuminas are a twin-tube, low pre..
Ex Tax: £149.95
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