Interior trim 240Z/260Z

Reproduction interior trim parts for the Datsun 240Z and 260Z models.

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Billet aluminium hood release knob, Z
Broken hood release knob on your 240Z / 260Z? This part is not available as a Nissan replacement ..
Ex Tax: £19.95
Interior vinyl kit 240Z
These reproduction diamond vinyl kits are great matches to the original patterns and colors. All ..
Ex Tax: £219.95
Leather seat upholstery kit S30 models
Description: Front seating surfaces are full Automotive Grade leather, in Black or Burnt Orange..
Ex Tax: £499.95
Roof trim kit
Another early Z restoration kit previously hard to find, now available! Save money by purchasing ..
Ex Tax: £84.95
Seat reupholstery kit 240Z
A kit of parts to return your seats to factory specification. Includes squab and back panels, hog..
Ex Tax: £234.95
A version of our popular seat upholstery kit to suit 1973/1974 260Z with vinyl covers. Kit includ..
Ex Tax: £235.00
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