Headers and systems for the L-series engine
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DJS30 RHD exhaust manifold
This new RHD exhaust manifold has 1" 3/4 primary pipes is specifically aimed at RHD cars which ha..
Ex Tax: £483.33
Extension piece required to be purchased with Turbo exhaust system for Z models - accomodates the..
Ex Tax: £15.95
Header exhaust manifold
A six-into-one design exhaust header in painted steel to suit mildly tuned L-series six cylinder ..
Ex Tax: £209.95
Inlet / exhaust gasket - header style
You should never use a stock exhaust gasket with any header. The metal reinforcement on the stock..
Ex Tax: £11.95
LHD Performance Exhaust Manifold
This LHD exhaust manifold comes with 1" 3/4 primary pipes clears the steering mechanism and has a..
Ex Tax: £483.33
Performance header manifold
A six into two into one header manifold suitable for all six cylinder L-series engines with squar..
Ex Tax: £199.95
Premium Turbo exhaust system
A Premium quality tuned exhaust system to match our popular six-into-one header manifold. Fully a..
Ex Tax: £194.95
Thermal protective coating for header manifolds
Only select this item if you have already ordered a header exhaust manifold - this is the option ..
Ex Tax: £99.95
Turbo exhaust system
A tuned exhaust system to match our popular six-into-one header manifold. Engineered for low back..
Ex Tax: £126.45
Universal stainless steel exhaust system
Fully stainless steel made-to-measure 2.5" performance exhaust, tuned to pass circuit noise-measu..
Ex Tax: £345.83
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